TDS 820

Slow Speed Shredder

The Terex TDS 820 slow speed shredder is purpose-built to process all types of material, whether it is domestic, industrial or bulky solid waste. This industrial shredder features customizable shredding programs that give operators the opportunity to configure the machine to their specific requirements, reduce material wrapping and maximize production. Designed with independently-driven shafts, this double-shaft slow speed shredder is assured to give machine operators excellent performance in even the most challenging of applications.

The TDS 820 includes a hydrostatic drive that provides increased protection against contamination and allows for bi-directional shredding as well. Its 2-meter long shafts are manufactured with a fully-welded tooth configuration, which makes for massive throughput and excellent material reduction. Its independent gearboxes enable each shaft to be run separately to reduce material wrappage for effective shredding operations.

Additional features include the tipping feeder which increases the feed area. Hopper extensions provide increased capacity in bulky applications. The TDS820 is powered by the following engines dependent on geographic area and emission regulations; Scania DC13 330kw (440HP) Tier 4 final for the US and EU, Scania DC13 371kw (497HP) constant speed for the EU and the Scania DC13 331kw (440HP) Tier 2 for RoW.


My Sessions

Machine Optimization Course

No two grinding and shredding applications are the same, which is why CBI and Ecotec control interfaces allows operators to adjust their settings to the material and production needs of their operation. Led by the engineers who design our machines, you’ll learn all the fundamentals needed to get the most out of your machine.


Machine Troubleshooting Course

This class covers the proper troubleshooting protocols for electrical and hydraulic systems. Become familiar with the systems on CBI and Ecotec machines and learn step-by-step processes to correctly diagnose and resolve issues out in the field.


Live Machine Demos

Headlined by the all-new 6800CT Horizontal Grinder, our equipment lineup features grinders, shredders, screens, flails, material separators, conveyors, and attachments from the CBI & Ecotec product lines. See them all run live in our on-site demo arena! A list of the demo machines can be found to the right.